Civilizational choice of Ukraine




civilizational development, civilizational project, civilizational choice, moral and ethical core


The article is concerned with the study of the project of civilizational development of Ukraine in the context of modern social and political changes. Noticed that civilizational choice of Ukraine especially acute at the stage of transition of world society to the post-industrial phase of its development. Underscored that the roots of the Ukrainian ethnos lead to the Trypillia civilization and simultaneously the Ukrainian local civilization has the features of a border civilization.

The conducted research allows determining the civilization project of Ukraine at the present stage, which in a new way actualizes the importance of science.

It is proposed to start developing the foundations of uniting the people of Ukraine on the basis of the Code of Ethics, which should be based on the consistent ethical imperatives of the Ukrainian people on the basis of common humanistic values.

Author Biography

Oleh Oleshko, Military-Diplomatic Academy named after Yevgeny Bereznyak

Candidate of Political Science, associate professor of the department


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