The New Political Stage of The Middle East: Iran and Its Unyielding Policies


  • Hasib Bin Shaharia Bangladesh University of Professionals
  • S.M.Shawlin Bangladesh University of Professionals



This study analytically investigates the Iranian policies and their various effect on the Middle East as well as how Iran become a dominating power in the new political stage of the Middle East. The study has also portrayed the historical, religious, and political differences which are the backbone of the present crisis. Mostly, the research is crafted in a way where analysis is made from numerous perspectives and shows how is it relevant on the basis of knowing the situation in depth. Politics is the key idea here but in the tree of politics, the research represents multifarious roots. Each of the roots is connected to the main topic. Additionally, roots are the light to see the whole picture. Research is also showing how policies are important and how Iran's unyielding position in terms of making policy is helping Iran to dominate the region. As it is a huge study area, more research is needed to understand every particle of that.



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