Non-violent methods of political struggle as technologies of color revolutions (political essay)




non-violent methods of political struggle, color revolution, hybrid war, globalization, modern subjects of international relations


In modern geopolitical conditions, the political struggle for democratic values against the dictatorship acquires a new meaning because it is conducted by non-violent methods in the information space of the state with the involvement of new subjects of modern international relations. An analysis of the reasons that consolidate target audiences and direct their political energy to opposition actions against the government shows that they are based on historical, cultural and mental contradictions used by other forces to achieve their geopolitical interests in the region.

The traditional class contradictions that were the basis of the revolutions of the past have already receded into the background and lost their political relevance. Instead, in modern discourse, more and more revolutions are associated with “coups d'etat”, which are caused by the political technologies of color revolutions.

A necessary condition and component of modern political struggle is the information space in the state where such a revolution is taking place. The main form of political struggle is nonviolent methods.

Thus, the relevance of the article is due to the need to study the phenomenon of nonviolent struggle against the state in the context of globalization of modern international relations.


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