Modern Trends in the Armed Forces of Ukraine Transformation toward NATO Standards




national security, defense reform, national defense, defense forces, armed forces, equipment, modern weapons, military and special hardware, military threats, combat capabilities, resources


The article is concerned with the study of current trends which are applied by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on their way toward Euro-Atlantic Standards. The main purpose of this study is to underline the scope and main directions of the UAFs transformation agenda and critical challenges faced during introduction of the best practice and procedures into military service. The Ukrainian defence reform is expected to result in the establishment of effective, mobile defence forces, equipped with modern weapon systems, military and special hardware, able to guarantee national security and defense as well as provide an adequate and flexible response to military threats to the national security of Ukraine sustainably using the available operational (combat) capabilities and resources of the nation (1).

The conducted study allowed determining the effect of transformation in the main dimensions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces development and finding out the points of cooperation with partner nations. In addition, the main challenges on the prospects of reform have been identified, among which there is a need to overcome the current autocracy and address demand for new type of leadership and quality of military personnel. It is concluded that new approaches have taken by the current Ukrainian Defense Authority opens a new window of opportunity to intensify reformation efforts, which will allow Armed Forces of Ukraine to meet NATO’s membership criteria as well as satisfy level of national security and defense in the most effective way.


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Author Biography

Andrii Ordynovych, Military-Diplomatic Academy named after Yevgeny Bereznyak

PhD student


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