Evaluation of the impact of recovery subsystem parameters on the efficiency of a special purpose information system





technical operation, diagnostic system, the effectiveness of functioning


The analysis of the tendency of information systems development as well as problems of quality management shows that now intensively developing managed systems with dynamically changing structures. Reconfiguration of such systems largely depends on the parameters of incoming requests and the internal state of the elements that are part of the control object. In order to provide the qualitative management of such systems, it is necessary to obtain information about their technical condition. The technical condition of the system is determined by the internal structure of the control object, the magnitude of the influences coming to its input and the area of acceptable behavioral strategies in the space of possible states.

High requirements for the accuracy and reliability of the operation of a special purpose information system with random changes in structure, makes it problematic the traditional use of average values of random parameters to identify the state of the system based on known distribution functions. This approach to evaluation can lead to undesirable decisions to change the structure of the system in terms of reliability. This is possible due to the scatter of parameters relative to their average value, the shift of distributions that are significantly different from Gaussian white noise. In practice, such distributions are found with a shifted mathematical expectation.


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Vasyl Zvir

Head of the research department


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