Сyber surveillance in terms of coronavirus pandemic





pandemic, tracking tools, human rights violations


The scientific study describes techniques used by national governments to address the spread of the coronavirus. The focus is on the ambiguity of the decisions of the authorities, which lead, on the one hand, to an improvement in the incidence of coronavirus among the population and, on the other hand, to the disclosure of confidential information of citizens (passport details, contact numbers, location information), which in turn violates the right to privacy. The legal and regulatory framework relating to the inviolability of private information has been analysed, as well as the efforts of individual countries to amend existing legislation aimed at legitimizing surveillance at the state level. Attention is drawn to the risk of the long-term storage of private information and its access by a large number of individuals, which could lead to the leakage and misuse of data.

Author Biographies

Leonov Oleksandr, Military-Diplomatic Academy named after Yevgeniy Bereznyak

PhD student

Ablazov Ivan, Military-Diplomatic Academy named after Yevgeny Bereznyak

PhD in Political Sciences,  Associate Professor


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Oleksandr, L. ., & Ivan, A. . . (2020). Сyber surveillance in terms of coronavirus pandemic. Political Science and Security Studies Journal, 1(1), 22-26. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4062366