Police brutality and civil violence implications on societal peace and the economy: a study of end-Sars protests in Nigeria


  • Samuel Sunday Idowu Covenant University
  • Ekene Celestina Chukwudi Covenant University




brutality, economic, end-SARS, peace, police, protests.


Police brutality is a recurrent incidence in Nigeria which has been attracting both domestic and international attention but not without implications. This study, therefore, examines the effects of police brutality, using the end-SARS case, and the consequences of its impact on the peace and economy of the Nigerian state. Adopting a qualitative research method, data collected from both the primary (in-depth interview) and secondary sources were textually analyzed. While two states and the Federal Capital Territory were the areas of study, the findings revealed that the social and economic conditions of the country are adversely impacted as the ethnic division was deepened and investment environment worsened respectively using frustration-aggression theory as framework. The study, therefore, recommends that the Nigerian government should be more proactive in responding to citizens’ complaints and compensate victims and businesses affected by the crisis amongst others.



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