Activation of the innovative production process in the areas of economic activity




innovation, national economy, innovative development, innovative activity


It becomes clear that the implementation of innovative activities in the most important spheres of the national economy is necessary to ensure the maintenance of the country's competitiveness in the world market, tracing the global trends in the development of the components of public life and its dynamics. This is especially acute in areas such as information technology and the green economy, where innovation is a determining factor for success.

One of the factors hindering the activation of the innovation of the national economy is the personal disinterest of market elements and entrepreneurs in conducting innovative activities, caused by the lack of a standardized system for evaluating intellectual property objects and, as a result, the personal disinterest of entrepreneurs to invest in long-term innovative projects. World experience emphasizes the development of credit programs in the case of enterprise orientation towards the introduction of innovations, is not available for implementation in the Ukrainian realities.


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