Complex mathematical models of inertial navigation system errors




aircraft, inertial navigation system, error, correction, mathematical model, nonlinear, linear


The article is devoted to mathematical models of errors of inertial navigation systems (INS). The main advantages of autonomous inertial navigation systems are their resistance to horizontal accelerations and the ability to work autonomously under any conditions. However, over time, the errors of autonomous INS, due to the drift of gyroscopes, zero offset and drift of accelerometers, as well as other factors, reach significant values. Therefore, research to compensate for these errors is an important and urgent task in the autonomous mode of operation of the aircraft.

To establish the connection between the output and input errors of autonomous INS, the equation of errors of autonomous INS is made. In this case, two models of errors of autonomous INS are investigated: nonlinear and linear.

Depending on the requirement for accuracy and time of calculation of navigation parameters choose different models of INS errors. The linear model is simpler and requires less computational time. But the development of modern technologies allows to solve complex problems at an acceptable time interval. Therefore, it is possible to use nonlinear models.


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