Prospects for Ukraine-American cooperation with in the military and military-technical spheres, taking into account the recent change of power in Afghanistan




Afghanistan, Taliban, U.S., Ukraine, Military Cooperation, Military-Technical Cooperation


The article considers the peculiarities of assessments, conclusions of Ukrainian and Western analysts, experts and politicians on the prospects of U.S. cooperation with Ukraine in the military and military-technical spheres, taking into account the latest change of power in Afghanistan, which were published in August-September by media such as: Al Bawaba, ВВС, Ganghara, Shephard Media, Law Fare blog, Oryx blog, The New York Times, The Sunday Times, U.S. Department of Defense, Європейська правда and others. The relevance of the proposed analysis is determined by the fact that it allows to understand the prospects of American support for Ukraine, taking into account the recent negative consequences of the seizure in Afghanistan of a large number of weapons and military equipment by the Taliban. The conducted qualitative analysis allowed identifying a number of issues that proved to be a priority for analysts in the political, military and military-technical cooperation spheres. It has been established that various statements about the fall into the hands of terrorists of modern U.S. weapons and military equipment in Afghanistan are not true. Manipulation of this data could lead to a decrease in the level of American military and military-technical support, both in Ukraine and in other NATO partner countries, which today oppose Russia's aggressive policy. In the future, this could negatively affect global and European security.


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