Employees’ attitudes towards diversity and diversity management





Management, employee, ethnic diversity, age, gender, diversity


The aim of the theoretical part of this article will be to describe diversity, its management, and different approaches to its implementation. I will also address the main areas related to diversity. This section will be based on the literature review and comparisons made among the authors.

The practical part will deal with the application of diversity in four Information Technology (IT) companies. The aim of this section will be to find out the attitude of employees of chosen IT companies towards diversity. This objective will be achieved by means of a quantitative research investigation which will verify three established hypotheses. The first of these hypotheses sounds as follows: Employees identify themselves with their company’s approach to diversity. The second hypothesis is: The environment in smaller companies is more diverse than in large and medium-sized ones, and the third hypothesis reads: Graduates are perceived to be more contributing people than those who are 50+ years old.


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