Transformation of approaches of Russian Federation to organization of active measures on the African continent




active measures, special services, hybrid technologies, disinformation, information influence, cognitive war, Russia, Mali, Central African Republic, CAR, private military companies


The beginning of a large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine led to the deterioration of the economic situation in Russia due to introduction of a comprehensive sanctions regime by Western countries and the excessive costs, required to support the military campaign. Therefore, maintaining and intensifying activities on the African continent, aimed at gaining access to natural resources and sales markets, diversification of ways of circumventing sanctions, etc., will become increasingly important for Kremlin. Putinʼs regime will continue to use hybrid methods, in particular, private military companies (PMCs), to create or restore positions in countries of interest through infiltration of agents into decision-making bodies. Strengthening of Russia's positions in Africa poses a threat to the entire system of international security and stability as Russian leadership will highly likely continue to create sources of instability in Africa to disperse political, economic and security efforts of the leading countries of the democratic world, diverting their attention from aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Therefore, the issue of research and generalization of methods of influence used by Russian authorized bodies in the specified region becomes relevant to optimize the response strategy of Ukraine and other countries to emerging challenges and threats. Methodology. In the course of the research system-structural, comparative, narrative, retrospective analysis, synthesis, induction, and deduction was used to process scientific information on the issue of Russian influence on African continent. Results. Based on the research results, means and methods of Russian influence on the African continent were studied and certain practical aspects of this issue were clarified.


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