The social conscience forming in the context of engineering of social reality




social reality, set of mental values, social engineering, social conscience management psychology, group behavior model, personal behavior model, type of thinking


The article analyzes the significance of social engineering in the context of the possibilities of using modern information technologies to shape social reality in the interests of the subjects of social reality. It is assumed that social consciousness at the individual and group levels is largely the result of the influence of the social reality in which the target audiences are located. Thus, social consciousness formed with the help of technologies for constructing social reality can be directed both in the interests of society, in line with democratic values and principles of humanism, and vice versa, depending on who shapes social reality and for what purpose. Accordingly, if social engineering is carried out with good (humanistic) intentions, it can contribute to the development of civil society, strengthening social cohesion and promoting democratic principles and ethical norms. In other words, in an open democratic society, the constructed social reality should contribute to the progressive development of humanity in a world without wars.

However, if social reality is constructed with the opposite intentions, its results will be different, aimed at strengthening authoritarian regimes, propaganda of war and ideas of conquering territories that “historically allegedly belong” to these regimes, fighting the rest of the world and forming a set of anti-humanistic values in society.

In view of the above, information confrontation in the field of social reality construction is becoming important in the context of promoting the democratic values of Western civilization and consolidating a progressive society.


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