Determinants of development and innovation activity of the us military economy




defense economy, military expenditure, digitalization, research and development (R&D), exports, confrontation, USA


The essence of the main determinants of development and innovative activity of the US military economy is revealed. The interdependence, interchangeability and complementarity of certain components of the US military economy, innovation, security and policy of military and economic development are reflected. Emphasis is placed on the system, complexity in decision-making to achieve leadership positions in the military sphere in the global geopolitical landscape with an emphasis on the feasibility of permanent research and development, taking into account the digitalization of all business processes.

Author Biographies

Svitlana Lehominova , State University of Telecommunications

Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of Information and Cyber Security Management

Tetiana Kochura, Military Diplomatic Academy named after Yevheniy Bereznyak

Senior Lecturer


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Lehominova , S. ., & Kochura, T. . . (2021). Determinants of development and innovation activity of the us military economy. Political Science and Security Studies Journal, 2(1), 47-54.




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